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ICSB Call for Nominations

218 2015-11-20

Currently accepting nominations for the ICSB 2016-17 Board of Directors. Fiscal year is April 1 - March 31.

Greetings from the ICSB Immediate Past President, Dr. Ruben Ascua.
One of my roles as the Immediate Past-President is the chairing of the Nominating Committee for the next slate of officers. We have made the nominating process as transparent as possible and below you will find an online form to submit your nomination online.
The current ICSB Board of Directors are (elected positions are first 5 listed):
President – Ki-Chan Kim (ICSB Korea)
President-Elect – Luca Iandoli (ECSB)
Immediate Past-President -Ruben Ascua (ICSB Argentina)
Senior Vice-President, Finance & Control – Geralyn Franklin (UAE)
Senior Vice-President, Development – Dato‘ Hafsah Hashim (ICSMEE Malaysia)
Affiliate Representative – Alex DeNoble (USASBE)
Affiliate Representative – Lu Feicheng (ICSB China Mainland)
Affiliate Representative – Geoff Archer (CCSBE)
Affiliate Representative – Helle Neergaard (ECSB)
Affiliate Representative – Zakaria Taib (ACSB)
Wilford White Fellows and Past-President Representative – G. Dale Meyer (USASBE)
Vice-President (VP), Historian – J. Hanns Pichler (ECSB)
Vice President (VP), Mohammad M. Al-Zuhair
Vice President (VP), Jeffrey Alves
Vice President (VP), Robert S. Lai
Vice President (VP), Mohamed Albaili
In this year’s election, the positions open for nominations include President-Elect, Senior Vice President (SVP) for Finance and Control andSenior Vice President (SVP) for Development. The position of President-Elect is a one (1) year term, followed by subsequent one (1) year terms as President and then Immediate Past-President. The positions of SVP for Finance and Control and SVP for Development carry two (2) year terms.
Please remember that all nominations will be vetted by the Nominating Committee before appearing on the ballot, so it is very important for all candidates to submit the (1) current bio and (2) statement of purpose to complete their nomination package. We welcome all nominees who will be fully committed to the work involved in being a Board Member and will contribute positively towards achieving the goals of the organization.
The deadline to submit a nomination is January 8, 2016.


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